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I coach women to rediscover their confidence and have the courage to create the next chapter around their health, relationships, career and money mentality by breaking free from their society/religious/culture/upbringing expectations to live free from stress and anxiety.

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Begin your journey of well-being with topics like mind-body health, meditation, and self-healing! Learn the foundations and techniques of a new self-care practice. 

Love Your Life is a personal development monthly program where you can gain access from the comfort of your home with Coach Molone and discussions from other experts. Our topics and curriculum covers how to strengthen your physical health, create loving relationships, improve mental health, and develop a healthy money mindset. 

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Here's what some of my LOVELY ladies said about our work together!

"Valery will get you results and she'll do it quickly! If you're looking for someone to be straightforward with you and tell you exactly what to do (and what you're doing wrong), Valery is your girl. My email list grew by almost 25%! I'd absolutely recommend Valery to anyone who's looking to get results and step up their game!"

Juliana S.

"I've finally stepped out of my guilt, fear, shame, and humiliation of being sober from alcohol for nearly three years and I’m just now starting to get my feet wet with introducing myself to the world about why I'm here and the value and support I have to offer. Valery has an uncanny ability to dive into the depths of someone's soul to get their own potential out of them. Valery is such a warm and caring soul who genuinely cares about others people's progress. Valery is absolutely amazing! If it weren't for her, I don't know how much longer I would have remained in the closet about being a recovering alcoholic. And because of her she managed to get me to open up. I'm now able to embrace who I am and what I can offer to others."

Eva W.

"After working with Valery, my mindset has done a complete 180! She showed me very quickly and effectively how I was showing up and helped me switch my mindset to a much more powerful and positive one! She can help shift your mindset really quickly which is sometimes one of the harder things to do! I felt very at ease with her which means I was able to relax enough to make changes quickly. Also, her intuition is spot on so you can get to the root of a problem quickly and help put in practices to make change! It obvious how much Valery cares about what you do and it shows in your results."

Maria B.

"Valery is on top of it! If you’re looking for no wishy-washy advice, honesty, action, and results, Valery is the coach to help you. Her energy and experience helped me to add to my service offerings, start on my YouTube videos, and brought me the discipline and accountability I needed."

Ceylan S.

"Before working with Valery, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I felt overwhelmed with entrepreneurship and knew I needed accountability to reach my success.  Valery came to every session with her “no excuses”, “call it like it is” mentality and coaching style, something I love! She was exactly what I needed to stay on track and avoid self-doubt and self-sabotaging habits to get success! After working together I am more centered, clear, and focused with a plan to launch my programs. I also feel more present in my personal life and working with Valery helped bring balance to my personal relationships. I learned to prioritize what is important to me! I can’t recommend Valery enough! She’ll get you the results you want and help you discover your true self in the process. "

Jennifer R.
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