Group Coaching

Imagine finally being able to step out and live as “one of the greats.” You’ll be the envy of all your amazed friends as you create the life, fulfillment and income you know you deserve!

Join our group coaching for immersion into key topics such as intention manifestation, overcoming psychological blocks, emotional intelligence. Group coaching provides a safe space for individuals too work on their fears, self-limiting beliefs, master clear thinking, and intentional action and learn from the collective wisdom of a group. By reflecting as a team on challenges, aspirations.


Group Coaching is designed to work with 3 people or more.

Price: $175.25 per person

Group of 5 or more will recieve 25% discount! 

Please contact Valery if you are interested in this package at or send a message here. 

In group package, you will be working with Valery once a week, for a miniumum of 4 weeks. Any day most convienent for the group.

Once you have purchased the program, you can conduct your sessions either over the Phone, Skype or Tele-seminar.  You will recieive an e-mail with instructions of how to schedule your 45 minute free cosultation with and details on what to expect from the group coaching sessions.

This package can be redeemed at the begining of any month of your chosing. (Expires after 1 year of purchase date.)


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