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In every coaching session, we measure progress against program goals, roadmap, and action accountabilities from the previous session. Coach Valery Molone typically work with clients in core areas of individual including: goal focus, confidence, improve overall health, wellness goals, time management, self-image, relationship building, healthy money mindset, and meditation practices.


Coach and coachee partner to:

  • Focus on achieving three months OR six months lifestyle goals
  • Use assessments to understand personal strengths and communication style
  • Create a custom plan: a “roadmap” to the goals
  • Discover and practice new leadership skills
  • Resolve situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way

The initial objective for a coaching engagement is based on goals that are established in the first coaching session. From there, a process is followed as outlined below.



In partnership with their coach, coachees utilize the following model. This unique approach allows for the achievement of breakthrough goals in life while developing new skills, and resolving situational roadblocks that may emerge along the way.


  • Identify any blind spots limiting your peak performance. 
  • Customize a weekly/monthly routine to keep your priorities top of mind and minimize any self-distractions. 
  • Design a custom plan and provide accountability for attaining results. 
  • Grow your overall skills and abilities in areas of greatest need. 
  • Enhance your overall performance and with a special focus on getting rid of self-doubt and overthinking.
  • Respond to emergent issues and questions. 
Product Details
- 50 minutes sessions via zoom
- A confidential audio session recording
- Guided meditations
- Weekly journaling
- Roadmap plan
- Self-Care Ritual Strategy
- Unlimited text support

** Six-month coaching includes the "Love Your Life" health and wellness 6-month subscription program bonus valued at $240!


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