Hi, I'm Valery - Certified Life Coach.

This is a great place to get the mentorship, support, and accountability that is needed to accelerate your progress! These resources will help you develop a practical method for taking action, getting things done, achieving the success you want in your life and achieving independence in your life! 

First, let me invite you to Love Your Life Membership for 2020! This personal development program is alll about bringing out your true potential and true identity. 

This program walks you through step-by-step to love yourself to create a life that you love around your health, relationships and money by breaking free from society’s/religious/culture/upbringing expectations and live free from stress and anxiety! 

You will have me as your personal coach to work with you on releasing any limiting beliefs or mental blocks that is getting in the way of performing your best around your health, relationships, career and money through practical steps and inspirational guidance!

I would love to invite you to my Free 5-Day Mindful Meditation Challenge

I'm offering this free special mindful meditation challenge to help you explore a unique mind-body-soul approach to thrive during these challenging times.

In this challenge you’ll find friendly guidance and meditation practices to improve your mental health and relieve stress! You will learn how to build gratitude that you can incorporate into your daily life to help break the cycle of anxiety, stress, unhappiness, exhaustion and much more!

Be sure to grab The Power of Mindfulness free guide. Once you sign up for this, life will get a whole lot easier! To create a peace of mind, and a joyful life, I created a step-by-step mindfulness guide just for you to help you control your negative emotions and kissed stress goodbye.

I also created a private free fb group “Women Healing Women” and I would love to invite women to be a part of this amazing community! 

This group is intended to build connections, uplift one another, and learn from each other during these challenging times emotionally and spiritually!

You can subscribe to The Asked - Coach Molone Answers Your Questions which is a weekly self-improvement YouTube show that contains life, business and leadership strategies aimed to motivate and inspire!

Subscribe to my podcast Real Talk with Coach Valery Molone where I share my secret step-by-step strategies to create a vibrant, joyful and a fulfilling life personally and professionally! 


If you want to say hi, you can join me on Instagram @coachvalerymolone  


I'm glad you're here!

I deeply believe that no matter what your current circumstances are, no matter how far you feel like you’ve fallen, or how many disappointments you’ve faced in your life, you are capable of overcoming them and living the life you dream of.


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