If you've been feeling less vital and energetic or in an emotional funk, it's possible that you have a chakra that is clogged or stuck. Follow this meditation to identify which chakras might be clogged and how to allow energy to flow freely once again.

In this meditation, you will learn about each of the seven chakras’ colors, area associations, and mantras that open up each chakra to unblock negative energy.

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Pain, fear, and anger aren't bad emotions that need to be stifled or ignored. In fact, unexpressed emotions will build up over time and weigh heavy on your soul. 

Love Your Life offers practical tools and guidance that will help you connect to your mind-body's wisdom as you expand your experience of health, self-compassion, and peace of mind. This program has practices that you can begin to use in your daily self-care routine.

This monthly program teaches you how to rediscover your confidence, love yourself and gives you the courage to create your next chapter around your health, relationships, career and money mentality.


Spending time on yourself to further your personal development is a great way to value your well-being, happiness, and success.

As you mature, your wants and needs tend to change. Life coaching can identify where you are in the process and figure out how best to embark on the next chapter in your life.

Private one-on-one online coaching will give you a chance to explore any subject in depth as it relates to you


Are you looking to implement a mind-body wellness program at your workplace?

Now more than ever, in our increasingly shifting world, we must ground our productivity in authentic mindfulness.

Every moment is an opportunity for greatness, for rising to the occasion—or for falling victim to our old patterns of limiting beliefs. Coach Valery Molone provides various types of training to corporations on work-life balance, communication, speaking effectiveness, team-building, change management, leadership presence, effective management skills, time-management, conflict resolution, and motivating employees.