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My name is Valery and I am a Personal Development Coach.

I’ve always dreamed big, wanted to make something of my life, and deeply cared about people.

However, as a kid I suffered a lot in my life emotionally and physically in major ways.

I was a girl that was born in a country where being a girl was a crime itself. My life consistent of growing up in a foster home, moving from family to family, not having an education, molested at a very young age, raped by my own relative, and sold to be married to a man twice my age.

I became a mother at a very young age only to experience the death of my child.

I was a battered woman living with an abusive husband all while coming to America. I couldn't speak or read the new language. I got lucky by coming to the greatest country in the world but yet, I suffered from severe depression because of the culture shock, having no education and being an abused wife.

 Since I didn't know the English language, I was picked on and made fun of. This is how I motivated and pushed myself to understand that one day I would come out of it.

You wouldn't believe some of the obstacles I had to face to learn life is unfair, only if you make it.

Living my ideal lifestyle is far more important to me than just being anybody who survives and goes through life only to die.

I’m a firm believer that anything can be accomplished if you truly believe and love yourself. The journey that I experienced lead me to become a personal development life coach certified from the Robbins-Madanes Coach Training for Strategic Intervention Life Coach.

I made it my mission to impact and change as many lives as possible through my 20 years of business experience and leadership. To break through your individual psychological blocks and shift your focus to tap into what will make you ultimately powerful and being the best leader in YOUR BUSINESS.

Always remember you were born for a reason, a purpose and something bigger than yourself. But YOU have to activate this calling; no one is going to turn it on for you! It’s Your Responsibility to build yourself into the person who can live a great life. No one is going to give you the power to develop your mental strength, emotional intelligence and physical health to have the life you want.

I know there are times that are challenging, and it may seem like you can’t get out of it. I’m living proof that you can and I’m here to guide you step-by-step to make you realize you can be the best version of yourself.

I know what it’s like to start with absolutely nothing! 

I work with women entrepreneurs who own a business or thinking about becoming an entrepreneur to grow revenue geometrically, boost company culture, maximize productivity, master the skills of influence, unite as a team and take your business to the next level!

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