Join Certified Personal Development Coach and Motivational Speaker Valery Molone and women from all around the world every Thursday night at 7pm EST for a LIVE discussion.


Thursday Night LIVE Discussion Includes:  


*Women entrepreneurs to have a chance to share their knowledge, strategies, tools and techniques with other women that are looking to advance their business or career for 2018.

*Women entrepreneurs to tell their stories why clients should use their services.

*Women to share their personal stories struggling with relationships, health, family or money so other women can hear the stories and learn the strategies of how to cope with obstacles.

*Coach Valery Molone will tell her own personal and professional stories on how to build up a phenomenally career and balance your personal life.

*Discovering Self-awareness
*Sharing each other's wisdom
* How to raise your voice to be heard
*How It's ok to show vulnerability
*How women can make as much money as men do
*How women does not have to rely on men for everything
*Discuss Weekly Topics
*Q&A with you!
*and much more

Coach Valery will offer ideas, resources and guidance for you to move ahead

I'll share my story and I want to hear yours!!! 

Thursday nights are ladies night. Don't miss out on this party!! 

(Once you sign up, we will send you a invitation link to join us LIVE every Thursday)  

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