Are you ready to create the business you dream of, on your terms?

You’re an entrepreneur ready to scale your business, but something is holding you back from success.

You know your project and ideas are viable, you have results to prove it… but there’s a quiet voice in your head telling you otherwise. 

You’re being held hostage by your own doubt and imposter syndrome, restricting your progress. 

What if you could create more revenue in your online business? You’d be closer to the financial stability and freedom you crave, so you can build the life you love!  

It begins with a “no excuses” mentality. Are you ready to cut the doubt and self-sabotage to have the success you deserve?

"After working with Valery, my mindset has done a complete 180! She showed me very quickly and effectively how I was showing up and helped me switch my mindset to a much more powerful and positive one! She can help shift your mindset really quickly which is sometimes one of the harder things to do! I felt very at ease with her which means I was able to relax enough to make changes quickly. Also, her intuition is spot on so you can get to the root of a problem quickly and help put in practices to make change! It obvious how much Valery cares about what you do and it shows in your results."

Maria Banobre
Birth Coach

"Valery is on top of it! If you’re looking for no wishy-washy advice, honesty, action, and results. Valery is the coach to help you. Her energy and experience helped me to add to my service offerings, start on my YouTube videos, and brought me the discipline and accountability I needed."

Ceylan Sonmez
Ski Instructor

Once you sign up for the "Good Choice" Program you will Receive: 

 5X 50-minute sessions via Zoom where our coaching sessions take place. This is where the magic happens!

Guided mindful meditations where you will master relaxation and learn the techniques to avoid distracting thoughts and promote a state of relaxed awareness.

Weekly journaling. An easy way for you to enhance and deepen your connection with devoted time for inner reflection.

Roadmap plan. We will devise a roadmap plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes.

Transformational action guides to support and guide you as we go through this beautiful journey.

Email Support. You will get an email from me at the start of every session to help you feel inspired, excited and supported! These inspiring encouragement emails will help you stay consistent with your awesome practice!

Are you ready?

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Hi, I’m Valery.

I’m a Performance Coach, Motivational Speaker, and believer of cutting any and all excuses from our lives to achieve more of what we want and deserve. Through my entrepreneurial journey, I pair “no sugar-coating” guidance and real action steps to help start-up entrepreneurs work through limiting beliefs and mindset blocks, so they can create a business with financial freedom to pursue their passions. 

I believe you are extremely powerful and when you can tap into that power, you can accomplish so much more in your personal and professional life.


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