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In this 4-week coaching sessions

First, increase awareness to get rid of limiting beliefs that serve you no longer. We take time to look at your life and create a clarity roadmap!

Second, we scan your emotions that causes stress, anxiety, fear, and patterns of self-doubt. 

Third, we connect and control your thoughts with your true self and take massive action and follow through formula to get the result you desire. 

Fourth, we combine them all into one month to practice confidence, positivity, create a winning mindset to create a fulfilling life and start your new self from a place of love, respect, and success. 


In this program I use my Middle Eastern personal coaching techniques: I will share my own personal strategies and philosophies to focus in the present moment and boost feelings of happiness & wellbeing. Develop positive habits & focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong when it comes to any decision you make. Be kind with yourself, stop living from other people's expectations, Live into a new state of being with confidence and positivity. Experience each day with a sense of deep accomplishment and fulfillment.

I have certain coaching guiding principles that will help you experience extraordinary amounts of fulfillment, happiness and success!

Once you complete this 4-week coaching session, you will:

 Decrease stress so you can be more focus in the present moment, make honest and compassionate decisions, think things through before you get angry, remember things, be patient with others and not be easily frustrated.

 Release your anxiety level so you can improve your sleep quality, improve your mood, and boost feelings of happiness & wellbeing and let your everyday tasks feel possible to handle!

 Reduce your fear level so you can grow and progress in life! Develop positive habits so you can start to  focus on what can go right instead of what can go wrong when it comes to any decision you make. This is your time to walk toward a new path toward opportunities without fear holding you back.

 Release patterns of self-doubt so you can learn to be kind with yourself, stop living from other people's expectations, learn about your own identity of who you truly are and love every inch of your body just the way it is!

 Start to live into a new state of being with confidence and positivity.

 Start to experience each day with a sense of deep accomplishment and fulfillment.

 Start to practice self-love and put your needs before others. Learn to love yourself just the way you are! 

Once you sign up for the "Easy Start" Program you will Receive:

♥︎ 4X 50-minute sessions via Zoom where our coaching sessions take place. This is where the magic happens!

♥︎ Guided mindful meditations where you will master relaxation and learn the techniques to avoid distracting thoughts and promote a state of relaxed awareness.

♥︎ Weekly journaling. An easy way for you to enhance and deepen your connection with devoted time for inner reflection.

♥︎ Roadmap plan. We will devise a roadmap plan of action to achieve your specific outcomes.

♥︎ Self-care ritual strategies. Incorporate these strategies into your normal routine so you can continue feeling energetic and excited about your goals.

♥︎ Unlimited support via Facebook or WhatsApp. This is where we can connect which is one of the fastest and most effective way to improve your progress.

♥︎ Transformational action guides to support and guide you as we go through this beautiful journey.

♥︎ Email Support. You will get an email from me at the start of every session to help you feel inspired, excited and supported! These inspiring encouragement emails will help you stay consistent with your awesome practice!


One-time payment

I'm Ready!

Hello there! I'm Valery Molone. I am a life coach, motivational speaker and a single mother of two beautiful daughters. I want to help you to stop living from other people's expectations, and teach you how to become physically, financially, emotionally, and spiritually independent. I want to empower you to create a vibrant, joyful, stress-free life! 

I have graduated the prestigious Robbins-Madanes Training - The Official Coach Training School of Anthony Robbins where I have been taught by the best in the industry. 

I'm not here to make you feel better - I'm here to teach you how to LIVE better!!!



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